About Us

Responding to the call of Middle East church and civic leaders, the mission of EMEU is to pray for and promote God’s justice, peace, reconciliation, and religious freedom by building friendships with the people and churches of the Middle East and the West.


  1. Encourage discussion and application of Biblical principles of God’s truth and compassion for all God’s people in the Middle East and identify appropriate responses.
  2. Sponsor conferences that enhance fellowship, partnerships, and mutual understanding between the Western Church and Middle Eastern people and their faith communities.
  3. Publish and promote conference proceedings and distribute media resources that support our mission and objectives.
  4. Facilitate and plan educational travel to and from the Middle East.
  5. Arrange meetings between Middle Eastern leaders and evangelical church representatives.
  6. Expand the network of churches, organizations, and individuals committed to the EMEU mission, while raising up a new generation of leadership.